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Teaching Outdoors: A World of Possibilities (Replay)

Come discover how to use the potential of nature and the outdoors to make your teaching meaningful and engaging for your students. Learning outdoors is the opportunity to go further pedagogically, in a natural, open, creative, progressive and community environment. With the help of our specialist facilitator in the outdoor classroom, discuss basic concrete strategies for getting out of school walls and experiencing the benefits of outdoor learning and its impact on student success.

A successful digital shift for two teachers

Anik Bédard and Sonia Lottinville, two grade 5 teachers at Saint-Charles school in Drummondville, tell how they carried out a digital transformation of their teaching practices.

Flexible planning pedagogy: Pedagogy above all else

When approaching the topic of flexible design pedagogy, attention quickly turns to furniture and structures that stand out from a classic classroom setting. However, the most important remains the pedagogy.

Five tips for building a code of ethics

The team of the RÉCIT national service, personal development domain (RÉCIT DP) has developed a 5-step process to co-construct a code of ethics with the students. We present it to you.

Online and in the classroom, "prevention is better than cure"

When it comes to behavior management in the classroom or online, Julie April and Jérôme Lessard, advisers at the RÉCIT national service, personal development domain (RÉCIT DP), present some resources to help teachers.

The #Édubrèves - Our finds of the week

In this edition of #ÉduBrèves, the École branchée team shares its findings of the week with you. We tell you about the Genially Games, media education, sex education, constructive notes and more!

Feedback, engagement and collaboration as learning tools

What is too often missing in the feedback offered to students, according to researcher John Hattie, is an indication towards the next step required to progress, the “what's next”. And to promote progress, we must aim for commitment. Be careful, however, he recalls, “doing something” does not mean “being committed”! Let's take a closer look.

Applied empathy, or the Pygmalion effect as a positive lever

Read for inspiration! Our collaborator recalls what the Pygmalion effect is and explains how she uses it as a positive lever in her relationship with her students and in her classroom management in general.

Teacher's Tips for Using QR Codes (Replay)

A QR code is super easy to create, but the possibilities are incredible! Discover unsuspected ideas that will simplify your professional life and allow you to vary your digital activities.

Pupils taking medication at school: an intelligent “pillbox” so they don't forget!

In the era of the smart phone and all these connected objects that make our daily lives easier, our collaborator Marc-André Girard shares one of his recent findings helping to manage students' medication intake when they are at school. school.