The educational El Dorado (part 2)

Here are some indicators of the French pedagogical-digital debates currently taking place among our French colleagues, particularly on the subject of social media, smartphones and digital platforms.

Les Savanturiers, education through research

Marc-André Girard talks to Ange Ansour, head of the Les Savanturiers program at the CRI de Paris, with whom he talks about opening the silos between research and education.

Finnish education system inspires brand new school in Toulouse

You have seen the report by American director Michael Moore who seeks to understand why the Finnish education system is one of the best.

Deployment of digital education in France: the role of DAN

The 2nd day of the digital exploration mission in France in which the École branchée is participating this week allowed us to learn more about the role of the academic digital delegate, the DAN.

The Battle of Vimy marks 100 years in 2017

From April 9 to 12, 2017, Canadians celebrated the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, France. It was the first time that Canadian units fought alongside each other. For many, this battle was decisive in obtaining international recognition from Canada.

France welcomes Europe!

The second most important soccer tournament in the world, the Euro, the UEFA championship, is taking place this year in France from June 10 to July 10. In all, 24 countries are fighting a fierce battle to be crowned European champions.

France: Bastille in augmented reality for the national holiday of July 14

The “Bastille” application is a unique interactive 3D open-air museum. From July 14 you can admire, on the magnificent Place de ...

France: 10th edition of the E-learning Days in Lyon

The Jean Moulin Lyon3 University has been hosting the E-Learning Days for 10 years. This unique event is a place to meet and discuss issues ...

Rencontres de l'Orme 2.15: Teaching computer science, educating in digital technology

Report in two parts of our collaborator's participation in the 21st Rencontres de l'Orme, in Marseille. Today: the state of French concerns with regard to digital integration.

Rencontres de l'Orme 2.15: strengthening the action of the educational community in favor of student success

Report in two parts of our collaborator's participation in the 21st Rencontres de l'Orme, in Marseille. Today: introduction and discoveries made on site.