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What does it mean to work in a CAP?

Working in PLCs means collaborating to support learning, focusing on the learning of all students, and tracking outcomes for continuous improvement. Learn more about the foundations of working in PLCs in the CAR Project: collaborate, learn, succeed.

Project CAR: Collaborate, Learn, Succeed!

The CAR project aims to support the culture of collaboration in education and to strengthen the pedagogical leadership of actors in school organizations. Through communities of practice, it supports school administrators and staff in developing collaborative approaches to promote the success of all students.

A day dedicated to professional development

The 3rd Summit of Professional Development in Education (#SommetDP) was eagerly awaited. The event, organized by CADRE21 and many partners (including École branchée), was postponed last year due to the pandemic. It was worth the wait and the particularly rich exchanges throughout the day, both on stage between the invited panelists and in the chat between the participants. Here is our report.

Fall issue of École branchée magazine offers ideas and resources for in-service teacher education

PRESS RELEASE - Engaging in a continuing education process is now part of the professional obligations of teachers in Quebec. In order to amplify the impact of its contribution to professional development, the École branchée devotes the fall edition of its magazine to this important subject.

#EB25ans - And that's how the first CréaCamp was born!

To mark our 25 years of activity, Maxime Pelchat tells us how the CréaCamp formula was designed and how this approach has been able to adapt over the past year.

The #Édubrèves - Special "Professional development"

In this special edition of #Édubrèves, we invite you to answer a questionnaire on professional development, we come back to the AQUOPS Colloquium which was held last week and we present to you #devprof resources at your fingertips. Read to the end to smile a little!

International Sketchnote Day: An opportunity to challenge

On this International Sketchnote Day, our collaborator presents you with available training courses to get started.

$é$am3 0uvr3 * to1 - or how to guard against cyber hackers

Do we adopt safe reflexes in all our online actions? On a daily basis, the temptation to go there "quickly" is sometimes strong, but also involves very real dangers. CADRE21 offers new online training and tells you how long it will take to crack your password! & #1f640;

CADRE21 training now offered to future teachers

CADRE21 recently announced that students in initial teacher training in education as well as their faculty resources now have access to its online training free of charge.

All I know is I don't know anything!

The director's corner: Marc-André Girard speaks today of the danger of not considering professional development in education as an integral part of the career of a teacher or a director. “I know what I know and I know a lot. But is it enough? I have often said it: in education, the most dangerous thing is to believe that you know everything about your profession. "