funding launches a crowdfunding campaign to improve its platform

News Release - is a free, independent and inclusive online research platform helping parents choose a high school for their children based on their needs and interests. The crowdfunding campaign will, among other things, improve the user experience of the platform and develop a tool to measure the level of happiness in schools.

Innovation and digital: find out what measure 15081 allows you to deploy in your communities

As part of the PAN, measure 15081 has been improved in order to stimulate the development of innovative teaching practices. The form for submitting innovation projects linked to digital technologies has been available since May 27 for school administrators on the CollecteInfo portal. In this article, François Lake shares with you the experience of his school team in connection with measurement.

Funding for youth environmental initiatives

Do the decisive environmental challenges of our time appeal to you? As an educator, do you want to help raise awareness and take action on climate change? 

Public vs private funding: the FCSQ and the FÉEP are passing the buck

A study carried out on behalf of the Federation of School Boards of Quebec (FCSQ) affirms "that the public network is more efficient than the private subsidized educational institutions, and it is in the public that we invest the most for training. students ". The Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) wants the facts to be rectified. Here are the press releases from the organizations.

Finance your school projects or sports teams with gift cards

No more chocolate or raffle tickets that relatives feel obliged to buy to finance school projects! The FundScrip platform simply offers to buy gift cards at the most popular retailers (even the SAQ!) And it is these who give a percentage to registered organizations.

Mécanika on Kickstarter: a fundraising campaign launched to adapt the game to electronic tablets

To adapt the Mécanika game, produced in collaboration with the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2011, to electronic tablets, the Montreal game studio CREO is launching a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

Funding of school or extracurricular activities: sale of the Quebec Winter Carnival candle

The Quebec Winter Carnival is recruiting groups interested in selling the traditional Carnival candle as a means of financing. To make a change from chocolate!

More than 1 in 2 teachers use their personal money for class projects

Whether because of budget cuts, red tape or reorganization of funding, 53 % of 814 teachers surveyed said they used their own money to buy school supplies or carry out class projects. Is this also your case?