This is not fake news: 30 seconds before believing it!

Now that everyone has access to almost all platforms to express themselves, how do you differentiate the true from the false? What is the role of school in all of this? The professionals behind #30seconds before believing in it offer us some explanations and training courses to help our young people find their way around.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: identity in the digital age

During the Webinar Turnkey Website for Identity in the Digital Age, the RÉCIT team presented the Positive Identity in the Digital Age website, a tool that helps develop a sense of ethics and the critical judgment of students in a context of digital democratization.

Begpacking, the new beggar tourism

A blogger from Singapore stirred up a stir by posting photos of young Westerners begging to "finance their trip around the world." This new phenomenon is called “begpacking”.