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12 concrete tips to get started in critical thinking education

“Education in critical thinking is not education in doubt, but in well-calibrated confidence, adjusted to the quality of the information available and to knowledge. Here are 12 concrete tips for teaching critical thinking in the classroom.

Resources for Media Literacy Week

Until October 31, World Media and Information Literacy Week (#SemEduMedias) emphasizes the importance of developing skills and keen critical thinking to better understand the information to which we are continually exposed. Here are some great educational ideas on the subject to mark the week!

The lessons of summer 2020 to remember for education

[In the eye of the director] From the beaches of the Gaspé to the explosion in Beirut, including conspiracy theories when it comes to COVID-19, recent events which reflect, for the most part, a change in our society. What if we learned lessons to change education in turn?

For informed students: teaching with current events

In a world of content and information, it is essential to teach students to remain critical of the multiple media messages to which they are exposed. If you are of this opinion too, we invite you to discover our collection of digital SCOOP! Educational guides.

Critical thinking, critical thinking, critical judgment: can we disentangle all this?

What is the difference between mind, thought and critical judgment? What is the role of school and what to do with it in the classroom? Here are some ideas if you are intrigued!

This is not fake news: 30 seconds before believing it!

Now that everyone has access to almost all platforms to express themselves, how do you differentiate the true from the false? What is the role of school in all of this? The professionals behind #30seconds before believing in it offer us some explanations and training courses to help our young people find their way around.

Unicorn fossil discovered

More than a mythical image, the unicorn seems to have really rubbed shoulders with man according to a recent discovery. Russian scientists analyzed fossilized remains of a Siberian unicorn to come to this conclusion.

The Media Awareness Network launches a tool to help teens become savvy and safe cyber-citizens

Ottawa - The Media Awareness Network (The Network) is today launching the MyUniverse resource: a digital literacy tutorial for high school students. This interactive tool will captivate teens while helping them develop their critical thinking skills to put it to good use during their online activities.