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IDEA 2021: the Conscious Entrepreneurial Education Congress

Press release - The Virtual Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education (IDEA 2021), which will be held on October 27-28-29, is the only gathering in innovative entrepreneurial pedagogy open to all in Quebec.

Educating for Conscious Entrepreneurship: Acting for Sustainable Environments

Conscious entrepreneurship is a learning model designed to educate for sustainable environments. In other words, to learn to act for sustainable development and the common good of human living environments. Rino Levesque, founder and leader of Entrepreneurial Education Idea, talks to us about entrepreneurial culture in schools.

" I have an idea! »Pupils invited every week to contribute to more well-being around them

IDEA Entrepreneurial education yesterday unveiled the project “I have an idea! ". It aims to enable young people in primary and secondary education, currently deprived of school, to make a positive commitment every week to contribute to more well-being around them.

Self-enterprise at the heart of educational innovation

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration that aims to inspire as many people as possible to harness their spirit of initiative and innovation. In schools, interest in entrepreneurship as a learning tool is booming.

Generate well-being and engage through education in conscious entrepreneurship

More than 300 teachers, school administrators and professionals from the world of education from six Canadian provinces and five countries gathered Thursday and Friday in Lévis for the second edition of the Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education.

Conscious entrepreneurship in a context of giftedness

We met Julianne Lauzon, a student with a gifted profile from Joseph-Henrico elementary school, and her teacher Chantal Leblanc, both facilitators of a workshop as part of the first Fall Congress of Entrepreneurial Education Ideas, which takes place took place in Quebec on November 2, 2018.

Empower children to act

On the occasion of the first Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurship, we met Sophie Nadeau-Tremblay, elementary school teacher, resource teacher for École en Réseau and educational advisor for Idée Éducation Entrepreneuriale. She shares with us her passion for children's literature and conscious entrepreneurship.

Young people can change the world

We met Jean-Sébastien Reid, Deputy Director General at Idée Éducation Entrepreneuriale, who shared his vision with us: a pedagogy based on the passions of young people and adults and which promotes personal development.

The call for proposals for the Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education is open

The next Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education will take place on October 24 and 25, 2019 in Lévis. Do you want to promote an innovative project? Submit your idea before April 10, 2019.