teach outside

Nature makes strong children, send them outside to play!

Studies confirm that "the natural environment plays a beneficial role in academic performance, since exposure to a green environment would have a positive effect on various issues such as lack of motivation and concentration".

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 23, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: a webinar on co-modal education presented by the Ministry of Education, young girls awarded for their techno projects, indoor gardens and the promotion of outdoor education. There are also a few more surprises!

Teaching Outdoors: A World of Possibilities (Replay)

Come discover how to use the potential of nature and the outdoors to make your teaching meaningful and engaging for your students. Learning outdoors is the opportunity to go further pedagogically, in a natural, open, creative, progressive and community environment. With the help of our specialist facilitator in the outdoor classroom, discuss basic concrete strategies for getting out of school walls and experiencing the benefits of outdoor learning and its impact on student success.

Teaching outside is discovering the world! (Replay)

Teaching outdoors means taking advantage of the riches of nature, the elements of the neighborhood and the life around it to learn, discover, create and develop your digital skills while oxygenating your brain. During this discovery evening, multidisciplinary activities will be offered around the school, in the parks and if… we have to teach at a distance.

Ideas for classroom outdoors and learning as you explore the neighborhood - part 2

Outings around the school are all opportunities for a multitude of discoveries and learning. Second part of our article on the outdoor classroom, which presents activities for different subjects.

Class outside and learn while exploring the neighborhood

The Scandinavian concept of "forest schooling" is gaining momentum and more and more followers of the outside class, especially with the current health situation. A simple walk in the neighborhood can be a source of multiple learning in addition to oxygenating the brain. We present you activities to do with the students. (part 1: French and math!)

The identification of "turnkey" trees, a new learning and evaluation situation in science and technology

The Culture-Education Team offers a new learning and evaluation situation (SAE) in science and technology for the 2nd cycle of elementary school. This scientific investigation process leads students to explore the natural environment that surrounds them in order to construct a key to identify tree species.

Launch of the lecterdehors.ca website, a new tool for open-air education

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation announces the launch of the lecterdehors.ca web platform on open-air education, a pedagogy that is on the rise in schools across Quebec.

Finland: the forest as a formal and informal learning environment

Today we are discussing with Saara Nissinen, researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, in Savonlinna, who talks about a project to open the class to her community.