Testimonial: Digital technology to adopt a posture aimed at universal pedagogy

Véronique Chouinard, BÉPEP student at Université Laval, presents a reflection on how teachers can take advantage of the accessibility of digital tools and use them effectively as a means of learning?

Encourage engagement with the "puzzle method"

At the initiative of Collège Ste-Anne, teachers from several establishments participated in 3 design thinking workshops to find ways to promote student engagement in hybrid or distance education. Here is the summary of a solution emerging from their creative design process, applicable at all levels.

Academic motivation: why do we persevere?

Although the theme of school perseverance is well documented, the École branchée wanted to take a new look by taking into account the current situation and by dealing with the determinants associated with school in particular.

Student engagement, a challenge for distance education

Serge Gérin-Lajoie, professor at TÉLUQ, refers us to three ingredients necessary to get students to engage in their learning, valid for classroom teaching, but also at a distance.

École branchée in Belgium: Commitment and gamification of learning at the School of the Future

From November 25 to 30, our editor visited France and Belgium. In this series of articles, she shares with you her educational discoveries and inspiring encounters.

Make learning fun AND effective by drawing inspiration from video games

We spoke with a video game designer and a neuropsychologist about how motivational elements of video games can be used to support student engagement.

Feedback: guiding the student to the right path

With an increasing workload, teachers are looking for ways to reduce the number of tasks and make them more efficient. Feedback is a wonderful tool for making the most of your time and better understanding your students.

Supporting your students towards commitment

We met Nikolas Poulin, social universe teacher at the Séminaire des Pères-Maristes, who talks to us about digital integration, feedback and commitment.

Conscious entrepreneurship in a context of giftedness

We met Julianne Lauzon, a student with a gifted profile from Joseph-Henrico elementary school, and her teacher Chantal Leblanc, both facilitators of a workshop as part of the first Fall Congress of Entrepreneurial Education Ideas, which takes place took place in Quebec on November 2, 2018.

When student motivation is there!

We met Danis Michaud, grade 8 teacher at the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center, who passionately shares with us the pedagogical approaches she uses to engage students in their learning.