The Not Little Proud web campaign highlights the renewable energy professions

Academos has partnered with AQPER to launch the Pas peu Fiers web campaign which aims to promote renewable energy professions for young people in Quebec.

The 00Watt educational case: enriched, modernized and… always free!

Meet Inspector 00Watt and his suitcase filled with investigations, digital games and science experiments for your elementary cycle 3 students.

Pipelines under close surveillance

Pipelines cause a lot of environmental concerns and the National Energy Board is under scrutiny. Let's see how the new standards will change current practices.

Fossil fuels and their alternatives

Fossil, or non-renewable, energies are forcing consumers and investors to change their current practices. Let's see how it is now possible to use better energies for our planet.

Renewable energies: a solution to global warming?

A few weeks before the international conference in Paris on the climate, various speakers are loud and clear that renewable energies are the solution to limit global warming.

Around the world in a solar plane

The Solar Impulse plane which took off Monday morning from Abu Dhabi is about to circle the world using only solar energy as fuel. Let's take a closer look at this project.

The Eiffel Tower goes green with two wind turbines

Two wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower, illustrating the commitment of the emblematic monument of Paris to sustainable development. Let's take a closer look at how the Iron Lady will help the environment with her wind turbines.

Uruguay is investing heavily in wind turbines

Uruguay, a small country in South America, recently announced that it wants to generate 100% of its electricity from wind power. Let's take a closer look at the reasons for this decision.

Future of Keystone XL Pipeline Determined Soon

In the coming days, the fate of the Canada-US Keystone XL pipeline, which is currently under construction, will be determined by the United States.

Quebec begins oil exploitation

The Government of Quebec has just announced that it is moving forward with an oil development project on Anticosti Island. The project, aimed at confirming the oil potential estimated at a few billion barrels, could make Quebec an oil producer.