teacher effect

Academic motivation: teachers play a more important role than parents

Based on the results of their most recent study, Julien Bureau and Frédéric Guay of Laval University reaffirm the teaching effect to mobilize the motivation of young people and guide them towards success. “The teacher has a privileged learning context,” they write.

Why and how to maximize the teaching effect in the post-pandemic

While the students have experienced great upheavals over the past year, the teaching effect becomes all the more important in supporting them towards educational success.

Developing and showcasing the expertise of teachers: THE secret to educational success?

More than ever, according to researcher John Hattie, the expertise of teachers must be put forward because their impact is more determining than all the other factors in their educational progress of young people. And this would be true across the planet for decades. This is one of the messages he conveyed to his audience during a conference on February 25.

Applied empathy, or the Pygmalion effect as a positive lever

Read for inspiration! Our collaborator recalls what the Pygmalion effect is and explains how she uses it as a positive lever in her relationship with her students and in her classroom management in general.

How is the “teacher effect” transposed in a digital context

Christine Hamel, professor at Laval University, presented a conference entitled "The teaching effect in a context of digital use in class and at a distance" as part of the most recent transfer session of the School in a network. . Here are the highlights.