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Lü Interactive Playground will go on tour to show its immersive learning technologies in 24 schools in Quebec

Press release - Lü Aire de jeux interactive, a Quebec company that manufactures educational technology products used in schools around the world, is demonstrating its immersive educational experience in 24 Quebec schools by the end of November.

A digital experimentation laboratory in physical education (EPS) is born

The Laboratory on the use of digital technology in physical education and sports was created at Laval University. “In our laboratory, we will be able to make concrete and real observations in order to identify the most appropriate uses of technologies for educational purposes. "

We move thanks to a digital path

Rue Richard, on the grounds of École Coursol, in Laval, a digital path with twenty stations has been built thanks to the good care of thirty students of Marie-Josée Blanchette. Enough to make us want to explore the outdoors!

Tokyo 2020, take 2

With the decrease in COVID-19 cases and the acceleration of vaccination, the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for 2020, could finally take place this summer. Zoom on the history of the Games.

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 16

We have several finds to share with you this week. Take a few minutes to learn more about The Conversation, to discover the most recent podcasts to listen to (for you or your students) and to explore new resources. And above all, this edition of #Édubrèves contains a special invitation for you.

Sportofoly: a game to overcome a sedentary lifestyle!

What happens when you come across EPS, “cranky” teachers and Genially? Well, many things can undoubtedly happen, but we are talking about a new game that was born to get young people moving: Sportofoly!

The Educator… online!

Who says physical and health education can't be taught at a distance? We share with you the resources created by a teacher from Quebec, who takes advantage of the possibilities of digital technology to push her passion even further!

Professionals in physical education are invited to the first Symposium exps

The first Symposium exps will take place on Friday, March 27, at the Collège Jean-Eudes in Montreal. It aims to promote physical education in Quebec.

14 activity ideas for a fun and safe recreation

Carl Provost, a physical education teacher in an elementary school in eastern Montreal, shares 14 ideas for activities to revitalize the playground.

Books, binders, backpacks and jumps? Canadian parents understand the importance of physical activity

ACTIVE AT SCHOOL, in partnership with PHE Canada, shares six practical tips to help parents and teachers ensure children get at least one hour of physical activity per day during the school year.