Networked school

When the love of the theater crosses the screen

Thanks to a partnership between the École en Réseau and the Maison Théâtre de Montréal, many students from across Quebec were able to experience theater-related workshops, despite the closure of cultural venues over the past year.

Co-teaching to stimulate the taste for writing in 2nd year: a challenge taken up by two teachers… from two different schools!

Tanya and Janie, from CSS des Sommets, fell in love with education. By working together, each in their own school, they simplified their teaching task, in addition to making their students' writing process even more meaningful and stimulating. Their collaboration enriches their teaching and assessment practice, while increasing their professional motivation and their impact on their students' learning.

Intergenerational sharing and discovery of the school of yesteryear

Grade 1 primary school students had a unique experience last winter. They created a story about the school of yesteryear, the main character of which was an Elder they had previously been paired with.

The Network School presents its activities for the year

The Networked School recently held its annual Transfer Session, fully online this year. It was notably an opportunity to present the activities available to classes wishing to network with other classes from across Quebec in this particular year. It is also always possible to register!

How is the “teacher effect” transposed in a digital context

Christine Hamel, professor at Laval University, presented a conference entitled "The teaching effect in a context of digital use in class and at a distance" as part of the most recent transfer session of the School in a network. . Here are the highlights.

The large-water river: developing the feeling of belonging to the St.Lawrence

When teachers from Saguenay work together to develop a sense of belonging to the majestic St. Lawrence River, this results in an extraordinary educational project supported by the École en Réseau (ÉER).

Did you say confinement? Not for the Networked School!

Some of our neighbors like Ontario or some countries like France and Israel already had plans B for online courses. In Quebec, we wondered when schools closed. Yet the Network School (EER) shows that in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we also have tools that can work and that have been proven. Again, you have to know them.

A "Midi-CoP" on the creation of a digital book with Book Creator

On January 22 at noon, a virtual exchange will take place around the Book Creator application for teachers. In collaboration with the École en network, it's free upon registration!

The Millennium: an educational playground

We met Karine Godin-Tremblay, 1st year teacher at École au Millénaire, who presents the impact of the collaborative projects that she has been carrying out with her students for several years.

Promoting digital cultural content in schools

During the Network School Transfer Session, Marie-Claude Larouche presented her research and development focusing on collaboration between cultural organizations and schools in order to co-create digital cultural content for teachers.