Networked school

When the children's album without text leads to the written word

Here is a stimulating project in which digital technology becomes a lever and which offers students the possibility of wandering in the heart of their imagination thanks to children's books without text. At the end of the article, you will find a list of proposed albums to experience it yourself!

Reading voices: A project to reconcile young people with reading

The Clin d'œil sur la recherche webinar series of the École en réseau continued on April 20. On this occasion, the project presented was a pedagogical approach to support reading fluency in the first cycle of elementary school. The purpose of the series is to allow teachers who participate in participatory research to present their experience.

The Petapan Project: Supporting the Educational Success of Urban Aboriginal Students

In its most recent webinar in the Research at a Glance series, École en réseau presented the Petapan project, which integrates Aboriginal knowledge into the teaching of science, technology and the social universe in the first and second cycles of elementary school.

Winks of Research: A webinar series to share school-based projects

The Networked School presents a series of webinars aimed at giving voice to teachers who are involved in participatory research projects. The first event featured an experimentation related to philosophical writing.

Increasing student services in speech therapy with digital technology: a reality at the CSS des Patriotes

The pandemic has brought forward new ways of providing services to students in the public school system. Remote speech therapy has proven to be more than conclusive, making it possible not only to provide services but also to improve existing practices. At a time when waiting lists are stretching for school speech therapy, is the key at hand?

Happy Teachers' Week!

Teachers' Week runs from February 6 to 12 under the theme “Fully Engaged”. It is an opportunity to salute the remarkable commitment of teachers to the success of their students. The École branchée team has brought together various messages received from its partners in order to flood you with positive words.

"Mini-techs" participate in the establishment of learning hubs at the CSS de Montréal

On December 15, a very special virtual gala took place. It was an opportunity to recognize the work of some 50 “mini-techs”, young digital experts, who act as peer helpers in their schools. This event came to close the first stage of a collaborative project between the Montreal School Service Center (CSSDM), the Network School (EER) and Grandir sans frontières.

Using archives to imagine the future

In partnership with the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), Saguenay students and their teachers were able to immerse themselves in the institution's archives before looking to the future to imagine an ideal living environment.

Courses to develop digital skills with the networked School

With the aim of promoting the integration of the twelve dimensions of digital competence in educational activities, the team of the School in a Network (ÉER), in collaboration with the Office for the implementation of the Digital Action Plan (BMOPAN) , develops digital paths.

Digital intelligence webinars that prove that digital is not new

As part of its activities, the Network School offers a series of four webinars on digital intelligence. To access it this fall, you must register quickly. An opportunity to see the digital world differently.