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Principals: 5 leadership must-haves for a more zen end of the year

With so much uncertainty, how can school administrators stay focused on student success and end the school year with a sense of calm? Our contributor Marc-André Girard answers the question.

4 essential ingredients to (finally) change the system and bring the school closer to the students

École branchée offers you a double look at a conference by education expert Michael Fullan: that of our journalist Martine Rioux and that of Laurence Beaunoyer Pinsonneault, school principal at the Marie-Victorin School Services Center.

8 principles that guide the actions of school administrators in a crisis context

Researchers from the University of Quebec at Rimouski conducted a research project to better understand the role played by school principals in a crisis context. Their work helped identify eight management principles, in addition to highlighting the importance of leadership.

Look in the rearview mirror: you are good!

As the school year draws to a close, Marie-Claude Harnois, general manager and educator of ÉtudeSecours, invites school stakeholders to look in the rearview mirror. “We can give ourselves a nice pat on the back and tell ourselves we're good. "

How educational leaders can actually change the system, says Michael Fullan

Why are some leaders successful and others not? This is the big question that was at the center of a recent conference by Ontario researcher Michael Fullan, presented online by the Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE).

Google Sites to simplify the staff guide (Manager's Journey) (Replay)

Google Sites is a great tool for sharing information with staff: find ideas to revamp your staff guide in this training! Even teachers will find useful tips to improve the look of their Google Sites!

Google tools for tracking management (Managerial pathways) (Replay)

Education managers: become more efficient with the tools of the Google suite while having an approach focused on employee well-being (GMail, Google Keep, Google Tasks & others will be covered).

Maximize Google Disk and Gain Efficiency (Manager's Path) (Replay)

Tidy up your huge virtual filing cabinet and maximize the use of Google Drive's organization, prioritization and search tools. As a bonus: sharing tips and practices for organizing and classifying favorites in Chrome.

The direction effect: wanting to help amplify the teacher effect

Although no clear link between principal leadership and student achievement has been shown by research, contrary to the large teaching effect, school principals can still have an indirect effect. on the students. Marc-André Girard tells us about it in his column Le Coin du Directeur.

Tribute to school principals

In this Quebec week for school administrators, our collaborator Marc-André Girard pays tribute to his peers and highlights three essential roles that are part of their very unusual daily life!