Differentiate to take advantage of diversity in the classroom, using digital technology (or not!)

In this dossier, the École branchée and Carrefour education wish to shed light on what educational differentiation is and should be. We want to provide ideas (choice of interventions and digital tools) so that the concept finally materializes in our schools.

The AVAN class at the service of autonomy and progression

We visited Stéphanie Proulx and Lucille Gagné's class at the Affluents School Board to find out how the AVAN project is placed at the service of students with autism spectrum disorder.

"Believe that they will grow": teaching in the reception class

We met Dang Truong, host class teacher, who talks about educational differentiation, technology, patience and resilience, powerful levers for supporting children in their linguistic, social and educational integration.

Differentiation and "digitizable" technologies: a happy marriage

"Digitizable" technologies (such as QR codes) are popular in educational differentiation. In particular, they allow you to maintain collections of personalized resources that students can easily access.