professional development

#EB25ans - And that's how the first CréaCamp was born!

To mark our 25 years of activity, Maxime Pelchat tells us how the CréaCamp formula was designed and how this approach has been able to adapt over the past year.

The CréaCamp Discovery: a growing community of practice

Laurie tells us about the community of practice that was created last fall under the theme of professional development.

The #Édubrèves - Special "Professional development"

In this special edition of #Édubrèves, we invite you to answer a questionnaire on professional development, we come back to the AQUOPS Colloquium which was held last week and we present to you #devprof resources at your fingertips. Read to the end to smile a little!

Developing and showcasing the expertise of teachers: THE secret to educational success?

More than ever, according to researcher John Hattie, the expertise of teachers must be put forward because their impact is more determining than all the other factors in their educational progress of young people. And this would be true across the planet for decades. This is one of the messages he conveyed to his audience during a conference on February 25.

The school system must educate digitally

As the pandemic stretches out, school staff are adapting to the new reality of teaching that can switch to distance at any time and is acquiring many skills. This experience will influence the perception of digital tools in the long term. Aware of the difficulties currently experienced in this direction, the Higher Education Council shares in this article its vision of digital in education.

The wheel of educational innovation

At the last ACCPQ convention, there was talk of innovation in schools and the role of educational advisers in supporting everything. Our collaborator Laurie tells us about the stages and the process of commitment towards this state of innovation.

Reflection on the learner position

Learning is a word that we hear more and more in speeches and in circles. A teacher can now position himself as a learner. But concretely, what is it? What do we have to gain from it?

Thank you to those involved in professional development in education (that's you!)

It goes without saying that we are living in an effervescent period, extremely charged emotionally. Our ideas are shaken up and we realize the urgency of updating education. What can we do, up to the teacher? At the moment, we can say that professional development in connection with digital technology is popular.

CADRE21 training now offered to future teachers

CADRE21 recently announced that students in initial teacher training in education as well as their faculty resources now have access to its online training free of charge.

The 12 works of the educator in the time of the pandemic

We recently came across this text with a particularly catchy title for any amateur teacher of the universe of Asterix, "The 12 works of the teacher at the start of the school year", by Alexandre Audet. He has agreed to share it with you, dear readers, in order to help you establish your professional benchmarks for this special return to school.