professional development

5 reasons why teachers should create an RPA

A what? A “personal learning network” (RPA). It is the modern and efficient way to maximize professional development and keep up to date on trends in education.

Science on Stage Canada (SoSC) from June 25 to 28, 2014 in St-Hyacinthe

SoSC brings together enthusiastic educators in education to inspire young people in science and technology By providing educators with innovative tools they are able to transform their classrooms into “innovative” learning environments.

Sources of motivation for teachers (almost) on vacation!

The holidays are upon us and most of us can't wait to drop out. However, don't forget all those times in the year when you said to yourself, “When I have time…” Now that you have it, here are some ideas that you will benefit from for the next year!

How is your integration of ICT going? 2 models to discover

Professional competence 8 asks Quebec teachers "to integrate ICT for the purposes of preparing and piloting teaching-learning activities, teaching management and professional development". By the way, where are you at? Here are two integration models to discover.

I teach and want to use Twitter: where do I start?

You have created your Twitter account and you still do not understand what your colleagues (or your students!) Find so extraordinary about this tool? Or are you looking for ways to develop your professional network through Twitter? Here are some ways to go further.