sustainable development

From the creative laboratory to sustainable development

With a creative laboratory, it is possible for teachers to bring their young people to reflect on the objectives of sustainable development. We spoke with two New Brunswick teachers who offer very concrete projects in this direction to their students.

How to make responsible and sustainable digital uses

We hear more and more about digital sobriety and sustainable digital. A new term has also appeared more recently: responsible digital. Do all these terms mean the same thing? No, and we tell you more!

An innovative ecosystem is being set up at Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert

Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert is setting up an innovation ecosystem within the school, while forging new links with the business and research community, and projects are multiplying.

Digital ecodesign: taking into account the impact of virtual on the environment

Is it possible that educational technologies and content are designed with respect for human diversity while minimizing their ecological footprint? Our collaborator Marc Tremblay is interested in the question and discusses it with Kristen Girard, Web developer certified in Green-IT and specialized in "ecodesign".

CDSL: Rethinking pedagogy with the Place of Possibilities

Press release - Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert has begun construction of its new pavilion, the “Lieu des Possibles”, which will be inaugurated in 2021. It will be designed to foster the creation of bridges between communities and the sharing of resources and expertise between school, community, business community and experts.

Students use data science to prevent plastic pollution

Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ) is launching the Défi#jeunesse2030 in order to introduce young people to data science while addressing the real problem of plastic pollution.

Vote for Académie Sainte-Anne, finalist for the Prix Demain le Québec

Finalist for the 6th Prix Demain le Québec organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, Académie Sainte-Anne invites the general public to vote for its community and nurturing elementary school initiative from December 2 to 11.

LOJIQ wants to support professionals in digital education to participate in the TECH 2019 conference in India

Two professionals in digital education may be supported to participate in the Conference on digital education for the construction of peace and a sustainable society of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGIEP) of UNESCO from December 10 to 12, 2019 in India .

LOJIQ is looking for a Program Coordinator for an internship at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development

The International Youth Offices of Quebec - wishes to support an intern who will act as program coordinator at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development through Education (UNESCO) in New Delhi, in India, September 23 to December 13, 2019.

Energy Observer: a hydrogen boat around the world

After the Solar Impulse in the air, the Energy Observer will make a trip around the world on the seas while being autonomous in energy and without emitting greenhouse gases.