Learning and living citizenship at school

On the occasion of the most recent ACFAS congress, Marjorie Flon, specialist in citizen and public participation at the Institut du Nouveau Monde, presented some current gaps in relation to education for democracy, while insisting on this subject needs to be taken into account in schools.

Education, a bulwark against populism?

What role can education play in the face of the problems linked to the rise of populism in society, in its various variations and manifestations? Feedback on discussions on the subject during the ACFAS congress.

Better informed to be an informed citizen

As parents, how can you help your child learn more? The three key skills to develop are: verify the source, verify the claim and trace information to the source. 

One million school-aged students to vote in federal election

Even though they are not yet of voting age, more than one million elementary and secondary school students will have the opportunity to vote for a local candidate in the 2019 federal election, from 15 to October 18.

Better understand democracy and give a taste for politics

CPAC Route 338 is a website and giant maps resource that aims to motivate Canadian students to participate in the political process.

Changing the world, one idea at a time

The competition Click for me in full swing and the end of the nomination period is approaching. Very soon, students in registered classes will be called upon to vote for the best ideas about causes close to their hearts.

The network of student councils in Quebec arouses enthusiasm

Parlements at the elementary and secondary levels are a very popular activity in Quebec schools. This school-wide simulation has real citizenship education value and places young people directly at the heart of school life choices.