The ins and outs of a minority government

The day after an election in Canada: Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party and outgoing Prime Minister, takes back power in a government, this time, in the minority. Zoom on the functioning of a minority in the House of Commons.

International Sketchnote Day: An opportunity to challenge

On this International Sketchnote Day, our collaborator presents you with available training courses to get started.

Reflection on the learner position

Learning is a word that we hear more and more in speeches and in circles. A teacher can now position himself as a learner. But concretely, what is it? What do we have to gain from it?

Sketching, to make thinking visible! (Rediffusion)

Introduction to croquinote, a cross between drawing, concept map and traditional scribbling on a corner of a placemat! It uses creativity to give meaning to the concepts learned, making note taking and consulting them particularly enjoyable!

I sketchnote, you sketchnotes… you sketchnoterez!

What I like most about the CréaCamp training offered by the École branchée is the tolerance that I have to develop in the face of my educational discomfort. What a privilege to give yourself time for creation! This is what I experienced, once again, during Marie-Andrée Ouimet d'EscouadeÉDU's workshop on the sketchnote.

Vaccination: science versus belief

A disease that has been eradicated for several years, measles, is creating a public health problem in the United States. Indeed, New York City has ordered vaccination against a recent measles outbreak since 700 cases were reported in a matter of weeks. The sharing of wrong facts, fake news and disinformation are said to be at the center of this most recent epidemic. A look at one of WHO's greatest enemies: mistrust of vaccines.

3D printing of a heart: when technology and biology unite for the future

On Monday, April 15, 2019, a team of Israeli researchers announced that they had 3D printed, from cells from a patient, the very first heart with its blood vessels. Insights into a scientific revolution: bioprinting.