8 principles that guide the actions of school administrators in a crisis context

Researchers from the University of Quebec at Rimouski conducted a research project to better understand the role played by school principals in a crisis context. Their work helped identify eight management principles, in addition to highlighting the importance of leadership.

Millions of children forced into exile

According to a UNICEF report, nearly 50 million children around the world are victims of migration crises. Forced to leave their homes, children fleeing conflict face difficult times. Let's see how these refugees experience exile.

Understanding the migrant crisis

For several weeks, the migrant crisis has affected many European countries. The situation is deteriorating day by day and the media often report sad news such as the sinking of a boat in the Mediterranean.

Popular discontent in Burundi

Burundi has been shaken for some time by popular demonstrations aimed at preventing the outgoing president from running for a third term, which goes against the country's constitution.