From the creative laboratory to sustainable development

With a creative laboratory, it is possible for teachers to bring their young people to reflect on the objectives of sustainable development. We spoke with two New Brunswick teachers who offer very concrete projects in this direction to their students.

Testimonial: Digital technology to adopt a posture aimed at universal pedagogy

Véronique Chouinard, BÉPEP student at Université Laval, presents a reflection on how teachers can take advantage of the accessibility of digital tools and use them effectively as a means of learning?

Learn History in a Different Way: Students Rebuild Pompeii Using Minecraft Education

As part of a pilot project, carried out in collaboration with the RÉCIT national service, in the field of the social universe, secondary 1 students from the Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup school service center rebuilt the city of Pompeii in Italy. For this, they used the serious game Minecraft Education. wants to accelerate the potential of children aged 9-11 (While I Grow UP) is a creative interschool network that advocates an approach that promotes the development of young people aged 9 to 11 through the use of technology and community involvement.

Flexibility is not just a tulip chair

Not so long ago, when I was told about a “flexible classroom,” I imagined a classroom filled with balloons, high tables and tulip chairs. I imagined a class where the student could choose his seat. It ended there.

Am I a creative person?

The creative laboratories that I set up in my classroom are special moments for my students where collaboration and creativity are valued. So I asked myself the question: am I a creative person?

Testimonial from a CréaCampeur VIP

November 1, 2018, I participated in my first CréaCamp of the École branchée. Tuesday April 30, 2019, I board a second time in my car, accompanied by a colleague this time. At 9 a.m., the starting shot was given. I am crowned "CréaCampeur VIP" and given a gift card. I am so moved by this thought.

Discover our new programming of CréaCamps

This fall, the École branchée is offering 4 editions of its CréaCamp in several regions of Quebec. In order to choose the edition that suits you, here is an overview of the ever-varied themes that will be offered.

The CréaCamp experience: the organizers' point of view

Julie-Soleil Leclerc-Tremblay and Annie Pelletier, educational advisers at the CS du Fleuve-et-des-Lacs, hosted a CréaCamp. They share with you their impressions and observations about this enriching day.

Knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the 21st century

Human beings demonstrate their skills in all the contexts where they mobilize their knowledge in various authentic situations, and have always done so. Skills are a manifestation of the human spirit and have always been central in the performance of a plethora of activities, school and other in nature.