2020 in the life of a teacher: Arriving at Christmas… dead!

Continuation of the testimony of our collaborator Marc-André Girard, who recounts what he experienced at the start of the 2020 school year.

2021: 7 issues to watch in education

For a third consecutive year, the Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) took on the task of determining seven educational issues to watch. Here they are.

Proposals for the Minister of Education of Quebec in a video message

In a video that has obtained more than 5,000 views since its publication on December 30, our collaborator Marc-André Girad proposed 6 recommendations to the Minister. As of this writing, some of them have been announced.

2020 in the life of a teacher: A spring like no other

Our collaborator Marc-André Girard looks back on the events experienced in schools since March 2020. Part one.

Why should we avoid gatherings over the holidays this season?

Remember that this is only one Christmas in a life with so many others. If everyone puts in the effort, we will be able to go back to life as usual sooner. But why should we avoid gatherings over the holidays this season? Answers in this guide.

My 3 lessons of home teaching

Confined, Ms. Julie taught from her home for 8 days to her students who were in class. Here is today the continuation and the end of her adventures, where she reveals to us the three most important things to remember, as well as several tips and tricks in the process.

Confined… but not my students!

“The news came by text at recess. My daughter is positive for COVID-19. I have to leave my class as soon as possible and not come back for the next 14 days. We have been preparing since the start of the school year for the possibility that our classes will close, but here it is the opposite! How can I ensure a minimum of stability for my students? »A testimony from Julie Chandonnet.

Results of our back-to-school survey on teachers' concerns

At the start of the school year, we conducted a large survey among our readers to find out their biggest challenges, particularly in relation to digital. Our editor-in-chief takes stock of the responses obtained.

What if we changed the school? A forum on the school of tomorrow in webcast

On September 24th will take place in Paris the event “What if we change school? », Which we can watch from anywhere in a webcast. Intended for parents as well as education professionals, this meeting will give a voice to the pioneers of the school of tomorrow, to those who, in the field, innovate and experiment to change educational practice.

Take the example of children to have a memorable year

Testimonial from a CSS de Montréal teacher on the current start of the school year: “I'm back to school and I see happiness in the eyes of the students. The school is reborn from its ashes, they are happy to find it. »And you, what is beautiful in your environment?