Higher Education Council

Higher Education Council urges new normal

The Superior Council of Education (CSE) recently published one of its most comprehensive and interesting reports. Without detour, the objective of the CSE with this publication is to avoid a return to "normality" and thus take advantage of the collective awareness to improve the education system for good. Here is our summary.

The École branchée Meetings: Interview with Maryse Lassonde, President of the Higher Education Council

Maryse Lassonde is president of the Higher Education Council. In this interview, she talks about her professional career and the work of her organization, but also the challenges that await the school community in the coming year, the integration of digital technology in schools and the changes caused by the pandemic.

"It is no longer enough to teach digitally, we must educate digitally"

While progress has been made in integrating technologies into schools, there is still some way to go and, above all, challenges to overcome, reminds us of the Higher Education Council.

Revision of the Ethics and Religious Culture course - The place of digital citizenship and other themes

In a new opinion to the Minister of Education, the Superior Council of Education of Quebec deals with the review of the Ethics and Religious Culture (ECR) program, issues recommendations to ensure its success and makes certain caveats. concerning the process currently carried out.

Facilitate classroom management in distance education

The pandemic has created a number of classroom management challenges for teachers. The Council of the Week from the Higher Education Council (CSE) reminds us of the importance of creating a climate of communication and trust which facilitates class management and reduces constraining factors.

Improving the teaching of English as a second language at the elementary level: a balance to be found

On August 27, the Higher Education Council released an opinion entitled Improving the teaching of English as a second language at the primary level: a balance to be found. Given the issues that the Conseil has identified - related to identity, efficiency and equity - this balance requires different adjustments depending on the context, setting and region.

Professional development, enrichment for the entire teaching profession

The Higher Education Council released on June 3 an opinion entitled Professional development: enrichment for the entire teaching profession. In this opinion, the Council maintains that the professional development of teaching staff is a major source of enhancement of the profession, provided that each teacher is truly at the heart of this process.

The preschool recommended by the Superior Council of Education

The Higher Education Council this week released an opinion on preschool children. In particular, it recommends that the government "set itself the objective that, within 5 years, 90 % of 4-year-old Quebec children attend education services regulated by the State".