A Quebec digital school agenda being tested in preschool and elementary school

Planitou, a digital application first designed to allow early childhood center educators to communicate more effectively with parents, is being adapted to meet the needs of preschool and elementary school. About sixty teachers from the Quebec school network are currently testing the tool.

School-family relationship: What to say, when and how?

At the start of the school year, it is important to take the time to lay the foundations for the parent-teacher relationship so that it remains solid throughout the coming months. The quality of communications and information shared between school and family can make a difference to the well-being and success of students.

The angry parent's email

Several teachers have already received an email from an angry or upset parent. Our collaborator, Alexandra Coutlée, presents the winning conditions to re-establish the link with the parent.

5 things to consider to boost your work plan

The pursuit of online teaching and learning requires adaptations. How and what to adapt in his work plan to keep his teaching effective while keeping the motivation of the students?

School support: What do parents need?

What are the needs of parents in providing educational support for their child? Surprising as it may seem, no research has answered this question so far. A team of researchers set out to answer it.

Seesaw: create a strong communication link between class and family

A teacher shares her experience with the Seesaw platform, which keeps track of student learning and maintains constant contact with the family. “For some, it has completely changed the way they see school and what happens in the classroom,” she says.

The circle of trust

Finland is often referred to when it comes to education. In our mind, the schools there are beautiful, the students are happy and the teachers are recognized for their work with the students.

Parents' perspective: experience educational innovation

We met Marie-Josée Douville who shares with us her perspective as a mother faced with changes in teaching and assessment practices in her daughter's Secondary II class at Séminaire Saint-François.

Process communication® at the service of educational differentiation

We met Éric Théroux, grade 6 teacher at École de la Source of the Commission scolaire des Affluents, as well as his students. They present to us the Process communication, a communication model that facilitates classroom management.

A communication model serving the teacher-parent relationship

In this column, we present the factors that promote the development of effective parent-teacher communication as well as the various digital tools that promote communication and feedback with parents around the success of young people, throughout the school year.