community of practice

What does it mean to work in a CAP?

Working in PLCs means collaborating to support learning, focusing on the learning of all students, and tracking outcomes for continuous improvement. Learn more about the foundations of working in PLCs in the CAR Project: collaborate, learn, succeed.

Project CAR: Collaborate, Learn, Succeed!

The CAR project aims to support the culture of collaboration in education and to strengthen the pedagogical leadership of actors in school organizations. Through communities of practice, it supports school administrators and staff in developing collaborative approaches to promote the success of all students.

The CréaCamp Discovery: a growing community of practice

Laurie tells us about the community of practice that was created last fall under the theme of professional development. a community for Spanish teachers in Quebec

LaCuCaraCha.Org, the first community, accessible by subscription, dedicated entirely to Spanish teaching professionals in Quebec, has just been launched.

CAPI, a model for the implementation of the MEES digital action plan

At the same date last year, the Fernand-Seguin school team took the digital turn announced by the MEES by setting up a computer programming learning community (CAPI): spinoffs from a first year of experimentation and future perspectives.

A learning community is mobilized at École Fernand-Seguin

How are the orientations of the Digital Action Plan being deployed in communities? At the Fernand-Seguin school of the CSDM, it is through the mobilization of a learning community that involves students, school staff and parents. Testimony of an ICT resource teacher.