QR codes

We move thanks to a digital path

Rue Richard, on the grounds of École Coursol, in Laval, a digital path with twenty stations has been built thanks to the good care of thirty students of Marie-Josée Blanchette. Enough to make us want to explore the outdoors!

Teacher's Tips for Using QR Codes (Replay)

A QR code is super easy to create, but the possibilities are incredible! Discover unsuspected ideas that will simplify your professional life and allow you to vary your digital activities.

A female copyist

A study of diets revealed what few believed possible: Women played a role in the making of literary works in the Middle Ages.

QR codes and augmented reality

During the 33rd AQUOPS conference, a workshop demonstrated several educational uses of QR codes, these abstract bar codes which can be read using a specific application and which allow information to be disseminated quickly. During this same workshop, the participants were introduced to the integration of augmented reality in the realization of class projects. Return…

Differentiation and "digitizable" technologies: a happy marriage

"Digitizable" technologies (such as QR codes) are popular in educational differentiation. In particular, they allow you to maintain collections of personalized resources that students can easily access.

QR codes in the classroom, more powerful than you might imagine

During the last RÉCIT joint and collaborative training in Victoriaville, Claude Frenette offered a workshop on QR codes and their usefulness in the classroom. On the RÉCIT website, there is a summary of the main lines seen during this training.

The three little pigs, version 2.0

In kindergarten, painting pink pigs is a fun activity. But if they "speak", it is even better. This is the project carried out by Karen Bosch, a teacher at Southfield Christian School, an elementary school in Michigan.

QR codes for rally questions

QR codes, these small two-dimensional barcodes, are multiplying in our environment and are now entering the classroom. A French teacher from Cap-Jeunesse high school in Saint-Jérôme, Isabelle Goyette, used them to offer a fun activity to her students: a cultural rally!