reverse class

Tips for moving forward with flipped classroom

The flipped classroom consists of transmitting more theoretical knowledge to students through video capsules. Annick Arsenault Carter, a Grade 7 teacher at École Le Mascaret in New Brunswick, recently shared her advice.

Produce engaging video clips: key elements to consider and some technical recommendations

Researchers analyzed more than 6.9 million video viewing sessions on the e-learning platform. They identified five concrete recommendations for teachers who use video with their students.

The flipped classroom is popular in distance learning

More and more teachers are interested in the flipped classroom. This teaching practice makes it possible to transmit more theoretical knowledge to students through video clips and to devote more class time to the realization of concrete projects. A way of doing things that lends itself rather well to distance education!

Change of educational model… at the University!

We discuss innovative pedagogy in the university environment with Iannis Aliferis, physicist and teacher-researcher at Polytech Nice Sophia.

The CL! C: a gathering around the flipped classroom and active pedagogies

Promoting the transition from “face to face” to “side by side” teaching is one of the objectives of the association which is preparing the 4th edition of CL! C, from June 28 to 30 in Paris.

YouTube: a tool for teachers and students

Young people use technology quite independently and often discuss the videos they watch on YouTube. Here are some ideas for using this free platform as a learning tool.

Discover the many facets of the flipped classroom

During the #Clair2018 conference, we met Annick Arsenault-Carter, grade 7 teacher at Le Mascaret school, in the Francophone Sud school district. She has been using the inverted classroom for over 7 years.

Transforming educational organizations with the flipped classroom

The flipped classroom: a metaphor for everything that needs to be returned to education and a precursor ecosystem of innovation for the “school” of tomorrow.

A certification in reverse learning

If reverse learning interests you, whether you are a beginner or seasoned with the approach, discover this new global organization that could train you, and even certify you!

How to invert his class?

During the 33rd AQUOPS conference, teacher Caroline Jodoin-Malo presented several tips to make her classroom a place where students can find meaning in the concepts learned. Make way for the reverse class!