digital citizenship

The citizenship education course must teach the essentials: democracy and the rule of law

In a context where many observers see a decline in democracy across the world, a citizenship education course is an initiative that must be welcomed. Frédérick Guillaume Dufour, professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Quebec in Montreal, explains why in this text.

Education and citizenship at the heart of Quebec's new Youth Action Plan

The Quebec government recently launched its 2021-2024 Youth Action Plan. This reflects the priorities expressed by young people aged 15 to 29, gathered in recent months during a consultation. Education and citizenship find prominent places there.

The development of ethical citizenship in the digital age: everyone's business from elementary school and for life

Our collaborator Alexandre Chenette shares with us his vision of the development of ethical citizenship in the digital age. While the challenges of the digital age often elicit visceral and powerful emotional responses, it rather invites nuance.

Digital technology finds its place in the Referential of the teaching profession

The second edition of the Professional Competency Framework for the Teaching Profession mentions digital competence as a transversal competence, which means that it should be reflected in each of the other competences of the Reference Framework. Let's take a closer look.

The 5th edition of the e-colloquium opens its doors to education specialists from the Quebec public network

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Services Center (CSSMB) announces the opening of registrations for the 5th edition of its E-colloquium, now 100 virtual %.

Towards a right to digital education

Students from Laval University have drawn up a Declaration of principles regarding the right to digital education to raise awareness of the urgency of better preparing young people for the challenges of a society where digital technology is growing exponentially.

Welcome the Rumor Detector to your school for free!

Interested in fighting disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories? Get a chance to host the Rumor Detector squad for a nationally award-winning workshop series!

Trolling the trolls: to create a new way of being together

We met director Hugo Latulippe and host Pénélope McQuade who were presenting a lunchtime conference at Cégep de Limoilou following the making of the documentary Troller les trolls. wants to accelerate the potential of children aged 9-11 (While I Grow UP) is a creative interschool network that advocates an approach that promotes the development of young people aged 9 to 11 through the use of technology and community involvement.

Are you familiar with the Digital Competence Framework?

I had the opportunity to discuss the Digital Competence Reference Framework recently. Here are four little-known, but unavoidable observations.