Neuroscience applied to learning sequences

Here is a summary of the 7 neuroeducational principles that are at the heart of a book written by Steve Masson, Activate your neurons to better learn and teach. Enough to help your students in their learning!

What if the way to reach the full potential of our students was through their hearts?

Amélie Bédard, a school inclusion professional at the CSSDPS, presents a metaphor on the theme of the balance between the heart and the brain, as well as its influence on the development of cognitive skills.

11 surprising effects of video games on the brain

The team of the games site has produced an infographic that highlights the findings of certain international studies on the effect of video games on the brain. Will you be playing this summer?

Reading and activating different areas of the brain

A recent study looked at the regions of the brain that are stressed during reading. This work improves current knowledge on the activation of certain areas of the brain and is likely to have positive impacts on the understanding and treatment of various phenomena, such as dyslexia.

3 brain myths that may influence the way you teach

Does understanding the brain better help educate better? This is the question that some researchers are trying to answer, including Steve Masson, professor of neuroeducation at the University of Quebec in Montreal.