Vaccination: science versus belief

A disease that has been eradicated for several years, measles, is creating a public health problem in the United States. Indeed, New York City has ordered vaccination against a recent measles outbreak since 700 cases were reported in a matter of weeks. The sharing of wrong facts, fake news and disinformation are said to be at the center of this most recent epidemic. A look at one of WHO's greatest enemies: mistrust of vaccines.

April, autism month

April is Autism Awareness Month in Quebec. One month to allow the population to better familiarize themselves with this situation, which affects 1 in 43 boys.

Autism: a promising video game for rapid screening

Finding autism spectrum disorder in children could become easier thanks to a serious tablet game validated by research.

3,000 tablets for autistic children in Quebec

To meet the needs of the more than 8,000 children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and who attend specialized classes in the Quebec public school system, the Justine and Florence Foundation is launching a distinctive fundraising campaign that relies on solidarity, technology and creativity, in order to provide them with 3,000 electronic tablets.

A foundation that wants to provide autistic students with mobile tablets

On January 20, we launched the Justine and Florence Foundation, the objective of which is to offer young Quebecers with autism access to an electronic tablet in the classroom.

3D technology for teaching young people with autism to read?

Software showcasing virtual animals performing different three-dimensional actions would enable young people with autism to develop essential reading skills, according to an eSchool News report.

Cinema in a TED classroom, fiction? No, reality!

Last year, Isabelle Guertin undertook with her autistic students the realization of a fantastic film of about twenty minutes. The project will culminate with the big premiere, next April, in front of students and parents!