Reflection on the learner position

Learning is a word that we hear more and more in speeches and in circles. A teacher can now position himself as a learner. But concretely, what is it? What do we have to gain from it?

The professional order of teachers inspires public confidence

Our interview with Pascale Pellerin, director of two schools of the Navigators school board who spent part of her career in Ontario. We wanted to know how the Ontario College of Teachers inspired its practice.

Preschool to High School: The 20 Best Psychology Principles for Teaching and Learning

If we had to make a list of the most relevant principles of psychology for teaching and learning, what would it contain? The exercise was carried out by a group of psychologists.

(Spelling file) How to learn for a long time while having fun?

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(Spelling file) The elements to observe

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The blog to the rescue of young people who don't like to write

How to get young people to develop a taste for writing, reading and, consequently, learning, and this for the whole of life? Dr. Patricia Fioriello suggests starting with a blog!

Focus on learning, not technology

Discussing educational goals first and foremost, and then bringing in the technologies to achieve them, is how it is viewed in the Hampshire area school district in Massachusetts.

The role of ICT in transdisciplinary learning

In recent years, the Quebec education system has embarked on a major transformation of its organization and its study programs at the elementary, secondary and college levels. In this regard, the vision, mission and values of the Quebec school system have been redefined. With the pedagogical integration of ICT in schools, the ways in which students' knowledge is acquired and the pedagogical practices of teachers are being redesigned.