(Alert) mobile devices

Digital tablets in vogue in elementary school

Children are increasingly young technos and several schools have decided to join the dance by offering iPads to children from kindergarten.

St-Jean-Vianney College succumbs to iPads

The Collège Saint-Jean-Vianney, in Montreal, has decided to acquire this year 70 iPads which will be made available to teachers and students. From the start of the 2012 school year, all first secondary students will have one. Within five years, all 1,200 young people who attend the private establishment will have their own.

IPads to motivate students

Usually, Marie-France Fortin's students enter her class backwards. The teacher from Lucille-Teasdale high school is not in question, the young people would simply have preferred not to end up in a reinforcement class. But this year, these young people are envious since they all got an iPad at the start of the school year that they use in class and at home!

South Korea: soon undocumented schools

No more textbooks and notebooks! The backpack for 7.7 million South Korean students will soon be lighter since the country's Ministry of Education announced the switch to tablet computers this summer!

CES 2011: ICT for education

Writer specializing in information and communication technologies, Marc-André Brouillard was at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was held from January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas. Here are three trends he has observed in which ICTs are at the service of education.

Press Release: Books for toddlers on iPhone and iPad

Montreuil - As the Christmas holidays approach, Fleurus - Children and Anuman Interactive adapt early learning books Little boy, on iPhone and iPad.

The copyright controversy transposes into the world of digital books

World - Digital reading devices are flooding the market. So users are increasingly starting to feel the restrictions imposed by copyright and digital rights management. These restrictions could even delay the use of digital books in education.

The iPad appeals to toddlers

World - Now that the Apple iPad has already won over consumers, will it become the new companion for children? Will it become the new learning tool? Despite the countless number of apps, it seems that elementary and secondary school age children have been a bit forgotten until now.