(Alert) mobile devices

Turn a flat screen into an Android tablet

Tablets and interactive whiteboards have made their way into education. However, their acquisition and maintenance cost poses challenges in certain environments. Many will therefore be happy to know about this new possibility of transforming a television or a flat screen monitor into a tablet or interactive whiteboard!

Cell Phones in Teens: Are Parents' Concerns True?

The widespread use of cell phones among adolescents worries many parents. Are they right to worry? Are their fears founded? An American study is interested in these questions.

The iPad at Le Sommet school: a very positive result

Since September 2014, Secondary 1 students at Le Sommet public school in Quebec City have all been using a tablet as a work tool. Researchers draw up a very positive assessment of the first year of the experiment, including a student satisfaction rate of 97 %.

The Lebanese school program entirely on iPad

Three schools in Beirut, Lebanon, have been working since the start of the 2014 school year with brand new digital material created especially for the iPad. Let's take a closer look.

Texting and Tweeting in Class: Distraction or Educational Potential?

In many school settings, mobile devices make it easy to communicate through text messages and tweets. Is this form of communication only a source of distraction? Can it be used for effective teaching purposes? Researchers have looked into the question.

Sharing tablets in the classroom: an economical and educational solution?

Beyond participating in reducing the costs of acquiring school materials, it would seem that sharing technological tools would be beneficial in terms of learning.

3,000 tablets for autistic children in Quebec

To meet the needs of the more than 8,000 children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and who attend specialized classes in the Quebec public school system, the Justine and Florence Foundation is launching a distinctive fundraising campaign that relies on solidarity, technology and creativity, in order to provide them with 3,000 electronic tablets.

Advantages and difficulties linked to tablets in the classroom: 50 teachers confide in them (continued)

Continuation of the small survey of teachers concerning tablets in the classroom. Today, we analyze the answers to the question: What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered when implementing tablets in the classroom?

Advantages and difficulties of tablets in the classroom: 50 teachers confide in

Our collaborator, Brigitte Léonard, carried out a small survey concerning tablets with her network, of which she gives us the results. Today, she analyzes the answers to the question: What do you think is the biggest benefit of using tablets in the classroom?

The increasingly popular Chromebook in American schools

Various data relating to the sale of tablets intended for American educational establishments show that the Chromebook laptop is on the way to overtaking the iPad tablet in the United States.