(Alert) mobile devices

The digital tools experienced during the pandemic are here to stay

The transition to distance learning has been an opportunity for teachers, lecturers and professors at all levels (primary, secondary, college and university) to experiment with new digital tools. Now that students are back in the classroom, actors in the education sector are taking a look at the uses of these tools to ensure that some of the lessons learned remain.

Digital literacy initiatives are growing for youth... and they need it!

"We think young people are used to technology and we give them a lot of credit in that sense. Yes, they are mostly able to use certain applications. For the rest, they need support. They also need to be shown that technology is not just a hobby, it can also become a career," says Jonathan Le Prof, a social studies teacher and spokesperson for the first edition of Youth Digital Month.

Tips for teachers who want to experiment with Minecraft Education

Martin Pelletier, Grade 3 and 4 teacher at École Le Sommet in Moncton, New Brunswick, uses the Minecraft Education app extensively with his students. He shares some tips for teachers who want to explore it with their students.

Youth and Social Media: Beyond Prejudice

Jérôme Desjarlais-Lessard and Annie Turbide from the Service national du RÉCIT, in the field of personal development, offer a host of activities to address social media and its issues in the classroom. The themes are numerous: from private life to body image, including political engagement.

How to choose an interactive questionnaire to boost your teaching

How do you choose an interactive quiz-type application that really meets your initial needs and your educational intent? How to navigate among the many applications available? Follow the guide! 

New products to discover in digital platforms

A lot of new things have been rolled out recently in various digital platforms that you may be using. We've taken you through what should grab your attention from Teams, Classroom, Flipgrid, Edpuzzle and Wakelet.

8 educational apps to keep using after the pandemic

Several applications have certainly been useful to you in facilitating distance education. What if you continued to use them in class this year? Here are 8 tool suggestions you may not have known about!

The educational use of smart phones in my classroom, is it possible?

Although the educational potential may seem promising, there are challenges and issues related to the use of mobile devices in the classroom, particularly with regard to inappropriate use by students. Michelle Deschênes and Séverine Parent discuss the issue in this article.

Tablet or laptop? Paths for an informed choice

Resources for informed reflection: what to choose between the tablet and the laptop for school?

Digital in the classroom: Dozens of free online training courses for teachers

Robotics, a fleet of mobile devices, creative laboratories and new educational approaches will no longer hold any secrets thanks to the self-training offer unveiled yesterday as part of the implementation of the Digital Action Plan.