Antidote announces new products to mark its 25th anniversary

Press release - Druide informatique recently announced the release of Antidote 11 to mark the 25th anniversary of its famous software. The Antidote Web cloud edition inherits all the new features associated with Antidote 11, and the Antidote Mobile edition for iOS benefits from improvements in dictionaries and guides, including pronunciation.

5 new features of Antidote that are useful in the classroom

Antidote celebrates 25 years with a range of renewed applications. There are over a hundred new features, many of which will be useful in the classroom. Here are five that deserve your attention.

Druid celebrates 25 years of Antidote

Press release - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its writing assistance software, Druide informatique highlights the milestones in Antidote's history and continues to invest in the future.

Antidote Web reaches schools

Learn more about what Antidote Web has to offer for schools, including support for Chromebooks and iPads, plus home use. | Infomercial

New versions of Antidote software

Druide informatique announces several new features related to its popular writing assistance software, Antidote.

More than 1000 schools receive Antidote for Christmas

In time for Christmas, 1,036 schools will receive a free license to install Antidote 10, Druide informatique's flagship writing aid software, on ten computers.

Top 5: Language learning

Thing promised, thing due: here we are at our second "top" of applications or websites which have stood out and which facilitate teaching in the digital age, in particular thanks to their added educational value, their targeted feedback or their adapted interface. This time, it's time for languages.

(Discover #Edteq) Antidote: the magic potion that made Druid grow

The 25 years of existence of Druide informatique are closely linked to Antidote, its famous writing assistance software, which has become an essential reference over the years. Today, more than a million users call on it to take care of their writing. Originally, however, this success was far from guaranteed.

Antidote for English now on iPhone and iPad

Druide informatique announces the publication of Antidote Mobile - English, a brand new application for the iPhone and iPad.

919 schools receive Antidote for Christmas

In time for Christmas, 919 schools will receive a free license to install Antidote, the flagship writing support software, on 10 computers.