115 new species discovered in Asia

The Mekong region continues to introduce us to new animal species. Let's take a closer look at the hundreds of new specimens listed last year.

Mario Cyr, underwater cameraman

The profession of underwater cameraman as Mario Cyr practices it is uniqueness. Let's take a closer look at what other skills are needed to dive in icy waters anywhere on the planet.

Long live the circus, but without the animals

One of the biggest American circuses presents its latest number with elephants. Let's take a closer look at how animal rights activists pulled off this feat.

Walruses, the next victims of climate change?

In the last few days, nearly 35,000 walruses have been forced to wash up on the mainland in northwestern Alaska. Let's take a closer look at whether this new phenomenon is directly linked to climate change affecting the Arctic.

Discovery of a new species of freshwater dolphin

Just recently, scientists discovered a new species of freshwater dolphin in Brazil, a first for almost 100 years! Unfortunately, this species is endangered. Let's take a closer look at this river mammal.

Rhino hunting license causes controversy

The auction, in Dallas, United States, of a rhino hunting license in Namibia is controversial. This is because the permit authorizes the hunter to kill a black rhino, a species protected in Namibia.

African elephants threatened by poaching

In the next ten years, the elephant population living in Africa could decrease by 20 % if poaching continues at the current rate. Let's see why African elephants are hunted by poachers.

Dolphins would be called by their first name

Researchers believe that dolphins have a voice signature that allows them to recognize each other, but also to call another dolphin. Almost the equivalent of our first names!

XL Foods factory resumes operations

While a scandal of meat contaminated with E. coli bacteria tarnishes the reputation of the company XL Foods, it is preparing to resume service following the green light given by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Let's talk about. coli and the difference between viruses and bacteria.

An almost whole mammoth

This summer, an 11-year-old boy discovered a mammoth in an exceptional state of preservation while walking with his brother on the bank of the Yenisei River in Russia's Far North.