3 ways to unite the teaching and development of oral skills in French and English in secondary school

In this article, our collaborators, France Legault, Maxime Paquet and Dave Parenteau, offer a few ways to maximize efforts and promote collaboration between all language teachers.

Antidote announces new products to mark its 25th anniversary

Press release - Druide informatique recently announced the release of Antidote 11 to mark the 25th anniversary of its famous software. The Antidote Web cloud edition inherits all the new features associated with Antidote 11, and the Antidote Mobile edition for iOS benefits from improvements in dictionaries and guides, including pronunciation.

JoeZoo, the AI that lowers the piles of corrections

The concrete benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in education are slow to be felt in Canada. While applications using AI do exist, few have any real impact in the classroom. In this article, our collaborator presents an application that relieves teachers of the heavy and repetitive task of correction.

A new professional magazine to support the English-speaking school network in the digital age

Press release - The last two years have shown that digital education in schools can no longer be anecdotal, transversal or associated with a reward. In order to support the English-speaking school network in the digital age, École branchée is launching EngagED Learning.

Use the educational version of Minecraft to promote reading comprehension

To demonstrate their understanding of the story of a book they have read, students were asked to reconstruct the environment of the book (which takes place in the forest) using the educational version of Minecraft.

Cool tools that teachers can use to keep students engaged

Some cool tools to help keep kids engaged and entertained.

A free online TOEFL® English test preparation course

On January 24, 2018, the non-profit Educational Training Service (ETS) solidified its commitment to quality and equity in education by launching the only free online TOEFL preparatory course.

To each their own pace of learning English

Otapi High School chose to integrate Rosetta Stone English language learning software to support its students' interest in Shakespeare's language. One of the teachers explains the benefits it provides.

A free 100 % resource for improving English and other languages

While immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language quickly, practicing its various aspects on a daily basis also helps a lot. This is exactly what the 365JoursPourApprendre.fr website also offers free of charge.