flexible layout

Flexible planning pedagogy: Pedagogy above all else

When approaching the topic of flexible design pedagogy, attention quickly turns to furniture and structures that stand out from a classic classroom setting. However, the most important remains the pedagogy.

Technopedagogical development at Séminaire Saint-François

We met Mélanie Duchesne, assistant director and responsible for technopedagogical development at Séminaire Saint-François, who talks about flexible planning and educational innovation.

Collège Sainte-Anne unveils its school of the future

Collège Sainte-Anne unveils the project for a brand new high school, located in Dorval. As part of a current international innovation, this educational project could become a model to be followed for the future.

The flexible classroom: reimagining the learning space

We met Josée Portelance who tells us about the trigger that led her to adopt the flexible class as well as the positive effects of this new arrangement on the learning of her students.

Flexible class: "I am so good, I feel at home"

These are the words of a student in Ms. Sophie's class, following the implementation of "flexible seating" in her class. She tells us.

Flexible seating: a trend favoring attention

Working while standing, reading lying on the floor, discussing on a stability ball… Here are some examples of what can be done in a “flexible” classroom!