Summer school and exam retakes: Alloprof helps the most vulnerable students

Press Release - In order to help students who have experienced one or more academic failures during the year, Alloprof will deploy a summer offensive from July 11 to 31, offering a maximum of resources and tools to support them in preparing for summer school and exams.

Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence

Press Release - As usual, Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support the academic success of young people. Among other things, the organization is integrating new functionalities related to artificial intelligence into its Web platform. 

Alloprof's confirmed pandemic impact: Study reveals that the organism is a valuable ally for students and parents

Press release - Alloprof has unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with the Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP) at UQAM. In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

Summer courses and remedial schooling: Alloprof always present for the students

Press release - Alloprof would like to remind you that its student support services will be fully accessible from July 12 to 27, 2021.

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 30, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: resources to help teachers and students end the school year on a high note, a podcast on concentration and a wanted poster for the facilitation of scientific activities.

New interactive recoveries: the ultimate boost to passing high school end-of-year exams

Press release - It is a year marked by many innovations which ends for the organization Alloprof with the launch of MiniRécups.

Les #Édubrèves - Resources for the classroom

If you are looking for turnkey activities or simple resources to use with your students, in the classroom or remotely, immediately consult this new edition of #Édubrèves!

Alloprof: an increasingly collaborative platform

Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made to the platform and more are to come.

Alloprof is interested in the needs of teachers

Alloprof offers a daily boost to teachers in Quebec by offering them free tools and support meeting the needs of students and parents. - Infomercial

Alloprof increases its offer to help students and parents

Alloprof adds hours of access to its teachers by offering a new time slot on Sundays, from January 31, 2021.