Hello teacher

Allô prof inaugurates a new service center dedicated to science

The organization responds to a need since half of the questions addressed to it over the past five years concerned scientific disciplines.

Allô prof launches its homework assistance service by texting

Quebec students can now put 100 teachers in their pocket!

Hello teacher is 18 years old!

It is this evening that the hundred teachers of Allô prof are resuming their post of helper by telephone and cyberclass in order to respond to requests from students and parents from all over Quebec. Who could have predicted, when it first returned to school in 1996, that the organization would contribute to the delivery of some 12 million homework well done?

Allô prof wishes to know its influence on school perseverance

The online homework help service Allô prof invites students in the 5th year of primary to secondary 5 to answer a questionnaire aimed at evaluating the impact of the tools it offers as well as to better understand the needs of its young users.

Guest teachers take up the Allô prof challenge

This year, Allô prof is launching a new initiative to underline School Perseverance Days: welcoming public and business personalities to ...

Have fun during the holidays with Allô Prof games

Did you know that the Allô Prof site has been offering funny games for some time to review the basics? Why not check them out during the holidays (or stormy days!)

Soon a new platform for Allô prof

The homework assistance organization Allô prof is in the process of concocting a new, more “intelligent” interactive platform, which will be launched next year, to meet the ever-growing demand.

Launch of the first Allô teacher terminal in a public place

(Press release) A new tool has appeared in the colorful children's section of the Saint-Charles library. Two meters high, it captures attention with its large median touch screen, its aluminum structure and the call from its upper screen: “Come ask your questions! ". This is the Allô prof.

Hello teacher renews himself

With the new Allô prof site, there are no more excuses not to do your homework! This free service, available for ten years, has had a makeover. In addition to telephone help services, cyber classes, explanatory forums and virtual library, Allô prof now offers video clips as well as interactive games and exercises.

An interactive explanatory window

Some students attending the daycare services of the Montreal school board had a surprise at the start of the 2010 school year: interactive terminals were installed in their premises. The objective of the project: to promote the use, by elementary school students, of the services of Allô prof, a charitable organization that promotes school perseverance.