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Les #Édubrèves - week of May 30, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: resources to help teachers and students end the school year on a high note, a podcast on concentration and a wanted poster for the facilitation of scientific activities.

New interactive recoveries: the ultimate boost to passing high school end-of-year exams

Press release - It is a year marked by many innovations which ends for the organization Alloprof with the launch of MiniRécups.

Alloprof: an increasingly collaborative platform

Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made to the platform and more are to come.

Les #Édubrèves - Notice of research and finds

This week, we introduce you to Lyne who is actively looking for Secondary IV math teachers (CST and SN) and their students to experience a new online review course. We have added a few finds in this edition of #ÉduBrèves!

School-community partnership: online tutoring during class hours

Since last fall, teachers at the Deux-Rives school in Saint-Georges have benefited from the support of volunteers from the Mouvement des Aidants scolaire in order to offer personalized tutoring to their students. A service that is available everywhere in Quebec for schools that request it.

Online review courses for Alloprof

Over the next year, Alloprof will enhance its service offering to elementary and secondary students, by creating online preparation courses for certain key exams in Quebec's school career.