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Alloprof's confirmed pandemic impact: Study reveals that the organism is a valuable ally for students and parents

Press release - Alloprof has unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with the Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP) at UQAM. In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

Summer courses and remedial schooling: Alloprof always present for the students

Press release - Alloprof would like to remind you that its student support services will be fully accessible from July 12 to 27, 2021.

New interactive recoveries: the ultimate boost to passing high school end-of-year exams

Press release - It is a year marked by many innovations which ends for the organization Alloprof with the launch of MiniRécups.

Alloprof: an increasingly collaborative platform

Over the past year, the Alloprof homework assistance service has been in demand more than ever by primary and secondary students. Various additions have been made to the platform and more are to come.

Eurêka !, partner for student success day and night

Students in grades 1 to 12 in French-language schools in Ontario can once again get help in all subjects. The Eureka service has resumed service for the 2020-2021 school year.

Homework period causes parents a lot of frustration, survey finds

The fact that their children are having difficulty with homework and facing barriers to their learning is nothing new ...

Allô prof launches its homework assistance service by texting

Quebec students can now put 100 teachers in their pocket!

Soon a new platform for Allô prof

The homework assistance organization Allô prof is in the process of concocting a new, more “intelligent” interactive platform, which will be launched next year, to meet the ever-growing demand.

Launch of the first Allô teacher terminal in a public place

(Press release) A new tool has appeared in the colorful children's section of the Saint-Charles library. Two meters high, it captures attention with its large median touch screen, its aluminum structure and the call from its upper screen: “Come ask your questions! ". This is the Allô prof.

Homework help: already well established in our schools

(previous section) The majority of primary schools have been offering homework help for the past seven years through funding from the Ministry of Education. For...