Be informed: It doesn't change the world. Truly?

Radio-Canada's MAJ (Mon actualité du jour) platform has just posted a new series of videos on the news world. Six capsules to understand the importance of going to see what is happening behind the TV camera, the microphone of a radio or the hidden face of an algorithm.

Active pedagogy with SCOOP! to exploit current events (Rediffusion)

Learn how to maximize the potential of SCOOP educational guides! Facilitated by our educational advisor Maxime Laflamme, creator of the SCOOP! Guides, this workshop will allow you to explore all the educational possibilities in connection with the #1 tool to work on current events in class while developing the digital skills of students through stimulating activities.

The ABCs of SCOOP!

SCOOP educational guides! are your ideal digital resource for supporting digital competence development and media literacy. See how to use them and get the most from them.

For informed students: teaching with current events

In a world of content and information, it is essential to teach students to remain critical of the multiple media messages to which they are exposed. If you are of this opinion too, we invite you to discover our collection of digital SCOOP! Educational guides.

Year in review 2017

The year 2017 has just given way to 2018. Let us take a moment to remember and analyze the events that marked the news last year.

The École branchée offers one year of access to its SCOOP guides! to this school board!

During the last AQUOPS conference, L'École branchée made the draw for access to SCOOP! for an entire school board. Here is the big winner!

World Press Photo contest image of the year causes controversy

Recently, the World Press Photo presented its annual prizes aimed at recognizing the best photographs of the past year. Let's take a closer look at the landmark images of 2016 and why the Photograph of the Year is causing controversy.

Retrospective 2015

Let's review the highlights of 2015!

Resources to talk about climate change and the Paris Conference

From November 30 to December 11, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change is held in Paris. Several educational resources are offered by different organizations to address the subject in class.

Back to the news of summer 2015

Several events marked the news during the summer season. Let's take a closer look at the hot topics of summer 2015!