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Call for participation - Digital Youth Month 2022

Press release - For the third edition of the Digital Youth Month, the Digital Spring is joining forces with partner organizations that have digital literacy issues at heart in Quebec (such as École branchée). The call is now open for organizations wishing to include an activity or a resource in the official programming.

An activity to talk about artificial intelligence in high school

Teaching emerging technologies and how they relate to current events can be a challenge for teachers. The AI, follow your algorithm workshop is an asynchronous activity that allows high school students to discover artificial intelligence and the functioning of artificial neural networks.

Entrepreneurship online: an exciting project for young and old

The big day of small entrepreneurs offers a technologically enhanced formula for the 2021 edition, while young entrepreneurs can experience online commerce.

Desmos for all disciplines

Although the Desmos application is mainly associated with the field of mathematics, the online educational tool has evolved a lot since its creation and can easily be used in all school disciplines, both at primary and secondary level.

Seesaw: favorite activities

Come and discover the digital portfolio that everyone is talking about! Seessaw will blow you away with its limitless possibilities and you will not be able to do without it. Transform your practices, discover Seesaw! The presentation also discusses how to best present the difference between Seesaw Family and Seesaw Home Learning to parents.

Professional development: more than 40 “hashtags” to follow on Twitter

You have certainly heard of Twitter, this microblogging platform that allows you to post in 280 characters including interesting resources, classroom experiences and learning related to professional development events.