What you need to know about the PAN's budgetary measures

We met André-Marc Goulet, director of educational services for young people at the Commission scolaire de la Capitale. He tells us about the PAN plan and the associated budgetary measures to promote its deployment in the field.

Transform learning to better prepare students

We met Céline Drouin, director of vocational training at CFORP, who presents the vision and the services offered by her team to promote transformation, innovation and the development of global skills.

Supporting change in schools: leadership at the forefront

In this audio interview, Marc-André Girard, from École branchée, discusses with Marius Bourgeoys, education consultant, who supports change in schools.

Robotics: making learning concrete in different fields

An interview with Dominic Bruneau, trainer at Robotics Zone01, on the occasion of his participation in CréaCamp in Montreal, on November 17th.