A day dedicated to professional development

The 3rd Summit of Professional Development in Education (#SommetDP) was eagerly awaited. The event, organized by CADRE21 and many partners (including École branchée), was postponed last year due to the pandemic. It was worth the wait and the particularly rich exchanges throughout the day, both on stage between the invited panelists and in the chat between the participants. Here is our report.

When technology increases the human

Caroline Smith, educational advisor, shares her experience of support in times of pandemic and in the context of the creation of a new mentoring program at the Educational Services of the CSS de Montréal.

What are the support needs of new teachers and how can they be met?

Our columnist Mrs. Prof was interested in the support needs of new teachers. In this column, she offers an overview of these needs, as well as the means that can be put in place to allow effective support.

School-community partnership: online tutoring during class hours

Since last fall, teachers at the Deux-Rives school in Saint-Georges have benefited from the support of volunteers from the Mouvement des Aidants scolaire in order to offer personalized tutoring to their students. A service that is available everywhere in Quebec for schools that request it.

PARENTS.QUEBEC: Solutions to parents' questions

The Federation of Quebec Parents 'Committees (FCPQ) and the Association of Anglophone Parents' Committees (ACPA) announce the launch of the PARENTS.QUEBEC website.

L'École branchée is surveying parents to find out about their challenges in the age of distance learning

École branchée, in partnership with the English Parents 'Committee Association (EPCA) and, Fédération des committees de parents du Québec (FCPQ) is launching a survey to learn more about parents' concerns in regards to distance learning.

École branchée asks parents to learn about their challenges in the age of distance learning

The École branchée, in partnership with the Federation of Quebec Parents 'Committees (FCPQ) and the English Parents' Committee Association (EPCA), launches a survey to find out the concerns of Quebec parents in the era of distance learning .

When the pyramid of the RAI model ends up upside down

Marie-Ève Gagnon, project manager for the deployment of the Digital Action Plan, presents her team's experience in developing teachers' digital skills. This is inspired by the Response to Intervention (RAI) model.

Classo now offers its solutions to all schools in Quebec

The Classo platform aims to facilitate the search for digital resources as well as the sharing of good practices and innovative educational suggestions. Solutions now available to all schools.

ESTIME project: proud to code to think

Presented at REFER 2019, ESTIME is an initiative to develop pride in creating with technology for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.