The educational El Dorado (part 2)

Here are some indicators of the French pedagogical-digital debates currently taking place among our French colleagues, particularly on the subject of social media, smartphones and digital platforms.

The educational El Dorado (part 1)

It only takes a few minutes of immersion in French school culture to understand why French teachers are so “pedagogically” fond of their Quebec colleagues.

Some observations on Finnish school culture

After two days of meeting education professionals, our collaborator Marc-André Girard presents his vision of things in connection with Finnish school culture.

How do you become a teacher in France?

Our collaborator Marc-André Girard offers you, following his recent stay in France, clarifications as to the path leading to the teaching profession as well as to the various perspectives of professional progression.

Four reasons why Finnish schools are among the best in the world

While visiting Finland, our collaborator Marc-André Girard obtained answers to the question that many educational actors are asking themselves.

#SmartCityMaker sharing day: when the whole world exchanges its winning practices!

A day of sharing on the theme of creative pedagogy, territories and digital technology, themes integrated into a transdisciplinary project called #SmartCityMaker.

To navigate the French system

The digital age promotes collaboration between classes from all over the world! Here is a summary of terminology specific to the French system, which could be useful for you to make certain comparisons with the Quebec system. 

"Monsieur Connard": the self-mockery of a teacher in the face of his colleagues' non-verbal comments

Marc-André Girard recounts his meeting with a teacher with a thousand projects, who gave himself a revealing nickname: Monsieur Connard.

A study day in Lille: robots at school

On November 29, the Lille-Nord-de-France ÉSPÉ held a study day on the integration of robotics into educational activities.

Emancipatory education

"I believe in the strength of the school, but not in its omnipotence"! says sociologist Jacques Cornet in a conference on emancipatory education.