Meet Roxane Bruneau

The À la rencontre de... series allows teachers to introduce their students to certain personalities. Today, we take a look at the career of author, composer and performer Roxane Bruneau, who is known for her frankness, authenticity and humour.

In March, let's talk about nutrition!

The month of March is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of healthy nutrition. In fact, throughout the month, Dietitians of Canada highlight several tools and initiatives to support the importance of good nutrition.

Women's rights: from yesterday to today

March 8 is International Women's Day. It is an opportunity to take stock of past struggles, but above all to prepare for the future and the opportunities that await future generations of women.

March: month of the Francophonie

Over 270 million people speak French in the world. March is an opportunity to promote this rich language .

What is cryptocurrency?

Have your students ever heard of cryptocurrency, a type of currency that has been the subject of much conversation over the past few years? What do they know? As long as you discuss it with them, here are some ideas for activities to do around this subject, in French and in mathematics!

February: Black History Month in Canada

Black history in Canada is found in very few of our books. The month of February is therefore an opportunity to talk about it, to become aware of the past and the path that remains to be traveled. Here is a host of resources and activity ideas to talk about it in high school, also integrating digital!

Ideas for activities as the holiday season approaches

The holiday season is just around the corner! Here are several ideas for activities to do in class! We create a Christmas quiz, we discover holiday traditions around the world, we write to Santa Claus to ask him for a book, we share traditional recipes and we enter the madness of the elves!

November 11: remembering who and what?

On November 11, like every year, meditation ceremonies are held across the country on Remembrance Day to commemorate the 1918 armistice.

The people against Shell

Historic day in the fight against climate change: this is the first time in history that justice has ordered a multinational to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and obliges it to respect the Paris Agreement on the climate .

Green light for adolescent vaccination

The long-awaited announcement by teens, their parents and their teachers has finally taken place: the COVID-19 vaccine can now be administered to all young people aged 12 to 17 in Canada.